Pup Pup Pup Puppies!!!

Ok.. so not all my blog is about being in the city! Recently I visited my auntie in Essex for a short weekend break.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I look at a puppy it makes me warm and gooey inside, bringing a smile to my face! So, when my auntie told me she was getting a puppy I couldn’t be more delighted! Best of all, she has only gone and got a Miniature Schnauzer. These are the dogs we’ve always had in the family and are a great temperament. They are short haired and don’t malt, which is great so you don’t get hairs all over the house! This one is only 8 weeks old and is about to have its final injection so it can go outside – lets see how the training goes hey!

Without further a do, I bring to you… CHESTER!


chester1 chester2


What’s your favourite type of dog? Comment below and let me know 🙂 

It’s all about the art!

What’s your favourite film? Mine always used to be The Mummy. I must admit I am a bit of a lover of the egyptian history so when I got a chance to visit The British Museum with some friends a few weekends ago I was thrilled! But sshhh don’t tell them that!



I’ve been a bit of an art geek recently, going to the V&A to see the ballgown exhibition before Christmas and The British Museum to see the greek and egypt sections – it took us so long to go round, there’s so much to see I will defo be going back at some point!

m7 m5 m4 m2 m1

Yesterday I went to The Tate Modern which was pretty cool. I love the large abstracts – I think they can be interpreted in so many different ways by different people which is fab about the world we live in now. It was here where I took a pretty cool view over the Thames river at Southbank. It is definitely a place to visit in London if you haven’t already and some great bars and restaurants along the way too!

Where’s you favourite art place to visit in London? Comment below I’d love to hear…




Taking on the snow…

Woohoo we had a white January and it felt like Christmas all over again! We all turned to kids… be honest… who didn’t throw a snowball, build a snowman or go sledging?!

Of course I don’t understand why when the first snow flake comes down in London, everyone panics. It’s crazy! Having said that, I think London looks gorgeous in the snow compared to normal, so I thought I’d share some of my pics…



On the one weekend that we had snow, I’d made plans to go back to Cheshire… typical! I put faith in the UK train system getting me back and what do you know… they worked a dream! Virgin Trains ran perfectly, which I was so pleased about and managed to get to The Joshua Tree strategy day on time, where I volunteer, helping them with their communications platforms.

Once I got back to Cheshire, I saw my beautiful dogs who had fun playing in the snow too by the look of things! They are called Barney and Bertie – totally the reason I go home 😉 If you are a dog lover too, they are miniature schnauzers and have such a great nature. They come in two colours – the black and silver one with his nose covered in snow is called Barney and is 13. We got him when he could fit in the palm of our hands… awww. The salt and pepper one (Bertie) is the youngster but a bit bigger and is very mischievous!


snow4snow 5

What did you do in the snow? Any fun dog pictures to share?



Grill On The Edge

I went home this weekend to see the family and we decided to go out for a meal on Saturday night at Grill On The Edge in would you believe it, Alderley Edge. It’s not somewhere I have been out before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We all got dressed up and I decided to get a new dress for the occasion from Oasis. As there was a fantastic sale on I managed to get the dress for just £20 reduced from £50! Bargain!! It is a really great shaped skater dress and fits really well. I got a size 8 which I found was a good size and figure hugging fabulous! The colour is black with gold foil specks throughout. It came with a cute bow shaped skinny belt which really makes the dress.

night out

I also got a gold lace bracelet from Oasis too. I don’thave much gold jewellery and needed something to go with the dress. I love the detailing in this bracelet which looks stunning as a statement piece of jewellery. I got lots of compliments for it!

surf and turfThe atmosphere at the Grill was trendy and sophisticated. There was a good buzz of people and all very busy. We went for a late sitting, so had some drinks at the bar first. When shown to the table, we got given a specials option of Surf and Turf. It was delicious! I have never tasted food quite like it. The steak (cooked medium-rare) was succulent and cooked to perfection!! The lobster was fantastic and chips – how I like them with some chunky potato inside and crisp on the outside.

Oops I forgot to say, we did also have a starter too! As we couldn’t decide what to have we went for a shared mixed platter. With this came duck spring rolls (which are the best!!), fish cakes, calamari and chicken skewers with various sauces. Mmmm…

To finish off the evening, Dad got us all a smokey old fashioned. It is this really cool drinks which came in a smokey bottle and poured onto ice. It did taste of whisky so I just couldn’t drink mine 😦 But looks wise I’d give it a 10! 🙂

smokey old fashioned

I’d love to hear what’s your favourite restaurant…?? Write a comment below.