A lot of love for these UK travel bloggers

With Valentine’s Day over for another year, it got me thinking – there are so many individuals out there relaying their exciting journey’s and adventures to inspire travel throughout the world and uncover the true hidden gems.

It’s these bloggers that have truly inspired me to get out there and live my own dreams, along with the confidence to write and share my experiences with you! So without further a do, here are my top travel blogs which I’ve fallen head over heals with this Valentine’s week…


The Travel Hack

This team of bloggers make sure luxurious travel can be affordable and not just for the rich. They go on a whole range of exciting adventures, giving out a range of  travel hack tips whether you are travelling solo or with a young family. Travelling around the world on modest budgets, they are true advocates for ensuring everyone gets a chance to get excited about their next adventure! Check out their blog – my particular favourite is the #Take12Trips section, which is so motivational to help you get out there and achieve your travel goals every month!


Global Grasshopper

Becky runs her blog the Global Grasshopper, aimed at the individual traveller. Essentially no matter what style of traveller you are, the blog is designed to provide uplifting photography, guides and travel stories. They really are on a mission to find the most unique, under-the-radar and beautiful places in the world, with the help of some amazing travel writers and photographers now helping Becky as she see’s her blog develop from strength to strength.



Mums Do Travel

If you’re after a more family friendly blog, then Gretta from Mums Do Travel is the blog for you. She writes about a range of topics from luxury family travel, travelling with teenagers and couple or solo trips without the kids. Holding competitions now and again, plenty of reviews and regular down-to-earth posts, I really love how accessible this blog is to read and enjoy to get plenty of travel inspiration from.


Heather On Her Travels

Heather is a seasoned traveller, so it’s only right that her blog really does allow you to dream of your next adventure as you flick through the blog posts. Enjoy your own escapism, you can read Heather’s tales on the people she met, foods she taste, experiences and sights. Not only that what I love about this blog is the contribution of recommendations for your next holiday that are very accessible, such as holiday book reviews and products that help you to make some great decisions about what to take on your next trip.


So there we have it – my top 4 travel bloggers to set off this travel blogger series. Do you have a travel blog you could share with me that’s either your own or one of your favourite reads? I’ll take a good long read myself and hopefully see that blog appear in a future post in the following months to come.



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