Top european city breaks for hen do’s

Pop open that bubbly… it’s time to talk hen do’s! 

So your friend, family member or someone you love dearly has got engaged – one of the best moments in any girls life. Now, it’s time to celebrate! A hen party is an important way to mark the end of a woman’s single life and can be over a night, weekend or more so, a full week. But with so many options on the table and in some cases lots of hens to accommodate, how do you choose the perfect getaway?


Depending on the bride-to-be, there may be some very different options on the table. From afternoon teas, fine dining, spa breaks to dancing the night away. Which one will be on the card for your hen party? Either way, here are some helpful european cities to consider, as you begin to plan the ideal hen party away from english territories.

Taking On The City advice: Opt for plans that really suit the interests and personality of your bride-to-be, NOT just what the hens would rather do. You’ll know if they don’t like clubbing for example and if so, there are plenty of other fun options on the table for you to consider. 


Dance the night away in Berlin

Berlin is known for being a hot spot for huge house music clubs. As one of Germany’s most popular cities, it has risen in popularity over the years offering plenty to see, do and dance too. Is your bride-to-be a clubbing loving fiend? Then this could be the perfect city to let loose and dance the night away in, whilst offering enough hangover cures during the day if required!

Taking On The City advice: Don’t peak too early, most of the clubs don’t open until midnight!


Munch your way through Barcelona 

If your bride-to-be is into being wined and dined, then perhaps Barcelona is the right choice for you. With a huge range of bars, restaurants and tapas stops, you can be sure your stomach is well lined for whatever the night ahead may hold. Being known as one of the hottest party places in Europe, you definitely won’t be stuck for things to do here!

Taking On The City advice: Get organised and book your activities and restaurants in enough time ahead of your stay to ensure you can visit everywhere you’d like to go to – particularly during peak seasons!



Style it up in Copenhagen

Perhaps Copenhagen isn’t a city you’d previously thought about, but one to definitely not forget about, being Denmark’s top hen do destination. Now, if your bride-to-be is into a glamorous weekend with relaxation, sophistication and plenty of fun then we could have a match here! There are plenty of live music nights, concerts, bars, salsa dancing and clubs. Do that extra bit of research as there are also lots of fancy cocktail bars (Bar Rouge being one of them!) to try that really could tick all the boxes for you. During the day you can also look to amuse yourself with gallery hopping, a spot of pampering at one of the spas, endless shopping or if you choose the right time of the year, even a trip to the beach.

Taking On The City advice: You can get some really cheap flights out to Copenhagen from the UK, so look out for a good deal. Airbnb is also a cheaper alternative for accommodation and you can get some great rates, staying within the city centre. 


Swimming costumes at the ready for Marbella

Marbella set on the Costa del Sol in Spain, is often the number one choice for long weekend hen do breaks in the summer months. With its upmarket, glamorous reputation you can become the real like Bond Girl in Marbs! With plenty of sunbathing in the day, whether by the beach or pool to sleep away the hangover and amazing nights out in the evening, Marbella could be a hen do getaway of a lifetime for you!

Taking On The City advice: As they say… no carbs before Marbs! 😉


With flight times minimal from London, if your bride-to-be is up for doing a weekend outside of the UK then be confident that the options to choose from offer an amazing choice. The only watch out from us is that some of your hens might not all be able to afford such a luxurious break away, so it might be worth considering a separate hen do back at home so no one misses out on the fun! Does this make you tempted to have your hen-do abroad? If so, where are some of the options you’re considering within Europe?


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