Where to travel to in 2017?

2017 is seeming to fly-by quite literally. It’s already mid-February and the weekends are getting filled up over the next couple of months with weddings and birthdays. If I’m not careful I’ll miss my window of opportunity! Travel is so important to me, I want to ensure I have some plans booked in for the rest of the year. It ensures you have something to work towards – both mentally and physically. That got me thinking… where do I actually want to go this year? Here’s my 2017 bucket list (in an ideal world of course!)


I came across the CEWE Photoworld travel infographic recently, and it got me thinking – where am I travelling to this year realistically? I would love to do some big long-haul holidays but having just bought a house, reality can often be a kick in the teeth! So, I’m looking to hit more of the UK and Europe destinations this year (…along with one very special Caribbean holiday booked in June!) CEWE Photoworld have got some pretty awesome recommendations on their Top 10 Most Instagrammed Places infographic, many of which I haven’t thought about before. Having researched into them, they are quickly making my top places to visit in 2017.

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1) Barbados, Caribbean


I’ve found paradise… yes, really!

Barbados is an island, within the eastern side of the Caribbean. I’ve been lucky enough to visit quite a bit in the past, tending to stay in the parish of St James, whilst travelling around the island during the holiday to different parishes and the capital, Bridgetown.

It takes around 7.5-8 hours to get to Barbados from London (depending on the wind direction and speed, this may vary slightly) and is the perfect holiday for sunbathing, water-sports and island exploration. With a mix of casual and luxury food outlets, you can really make it a holiday that fits within your budget.

2) Berlin, Germany


Berlin brings with it such a rich, sad history – but it’s important to understand and learn from our european history. The city itself is known for its electric nightlife and comes across as a rising trendy place to visit with more up and coming bars and restaurants popping up month on month.

3 Reykjavik, Iceland


When you think of Iceland – it’s about the blue lagoon, city of Reykjavik and super volcanic activity. To get a chance of seeing the Northern lights, its best for you to visit during November to February, but ensure you wrap up as it’s sure to be chilly!

4 Brighton, England


So close, yet so far! Brighton is one place I still haven’t managed to visit and is firmly on the hit list for this year! As a seaside resort town, it is a super popular destination for particularly Londoner’s who have about a 1-2 hour journey to reach the shingle shore. From what I can understand about Brighton, it’s known for its festivals, nightlife, art and craft scene alongside have some awesome stalls to pick up some quirky presents for birthdays or dare I say it… Christmas. With themeparks and arcades galore, this is going to be one wild ride of a weekend!

Barcelona, Spain


Located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Barcelona is a bustling, vibrant, colourful city – filled with delicious tapas and white wines. Known for its great nightlife, restaurants, stalls and shops, it really will promise to be quite the city break!

6 Athens, Greece


This one was on the CEWE Photoworld list of places to visit and having researched into it – I have to say, it looks beautiful! Seen across Athens, the Acropolis just outside of Athens, really does “stir the souls of travellers looking for that perfect snap“. It’s an ancient citadel that is rich in history and stunning architecture. Even more so, the Greek food is delicious with lots of dips, salads and grilled meats that will ensure your taste buds come to life!

I could easily go beyond this list, but that would turn very unrealistic! Of course, my plans might go off this initial bucket list for 2017, but it’s important to have goals and inspirations for the year ahead. So, where are you hoping to travel to in 2017?


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