Why did you start a travel blog?

Working in the marketing industry, for the past 5+ years, I’ve been working with some fantastic bloggers and travel writers. It has been brilliant seeing many of these bloggers grow from strength to strength as their blogs developed. Interestingly, these bloggers found a specific niche that really stands them out from the rest of the bloggers and that really feels right for their blog and them as a writer and after several years, you can see it fall into place. Being a keen traveller myself, it was time to start a blog of my own… 


To share my amazing travel journey

I often create photo books or albums of my own, to document my experiences. As CEWE Photoworld say,  you need to capture life’s special moments and treasure them for a lifetime to come. This is something I strongly believe in!

Every time someone comes round, I get the photo book opened up and share the amazing adventures with them. Depending on who they are of course, they might not at all be interested! Many of my friends are in crippling-saving stages currently for the likes of a wedding, baby or house. Many just aren’t interested in me showing off my travel pics. But then there are others who are planning a honeymoon, wanting holiday advice or just love to chat travel – this is when I get into my element!

Getting a blog online really just makes it much more possible to share a continuous travel journey that builds and develops over time. This is at the heart of what this blog is about – for me I am not looking at any commercial gain as I start on this new adventure, but instead it’s about spreading the word about the incredible places to visit in the world – this could be a mix of UK, european and global adventures.


Connect with like-minded bloggers

Getting a blog online was important to me, as it allows me to document my travels and share with like-minded bloggers or readers, who are just simply interested in reading up about the places I’ve visited, learning’s and recommendations. I hope through this blog, I can begin to build a network of travel-budding enthusiasts who are open to chatting 24/7 about new places to go for the year ahead, best highlights of their trips to date and places they’d recommend for my next travel adventure.

I don’t know how many travel bloggers in the UK there are currently – but I’m on a mission to connect with them wherever they may be and learn from their blogs too. I’m hoping to take part in social media discussions, attend travel events and hopefully down the line look to take part in some travel blogger meet ups to get much needed tips and advice. Each month I read a small amount of travel blogs and post about a couple of my favourite ones – take a read of my first post around which travel bloggers top the chart for me this month.


Develop myself as an individual

I do strongly believe having a blog allows you to develop on who you are as a person. Putting your travel adventures or plans down into words is a skill in itself – you really need to think about what you’re communicating and self-reflect to really find value in what you are communicating.

Through this blog I do hope that I can achieve this self development and find a strong niche for where my blog will sit and fall into the other travel blogs in the field. There’s no point me re-creating something that is already out there, so it’s time to reinvent the wheel within the travel blogging space.


Creating a blog based on honesty and transparency

Okay so this is quite a big reason why I’ve started out on this journey. With the rise in social media, the expectation to have an amazing, luxurious holiday with an uber tan, fitting gorgeously into a bikini and not having a frizzy bad hair day is crucial. But why? Why don’t people show the other side to travelling? Often I think what is on social media and some travel blogs is just a glimpse of reality – you don’t see what really goes into getting that stunning shot and the question is – does it really matter? I know there are some bloggers who have their niche and so it is okay to post about the luxury as this is their brand – but which travel bloggers really show the truth behind travelling in its rawest form?

When I went travelling for 3 months, let me tell you it wasn’t all plain sailing and happy days. Travelling long distances takes it out of you both physically and emotionally, alongside being in different cultures that you may not understand or be able to relate too and many places not having a good amount of electricity to get the hair straighteners working (I mean what??!, how did I survive right??) So within this blog, I want to show that it’s okay to be yourself – the most important thing is, is to get out there, enjoy the in-the-moment experiences, don’t conform to what you think a moment should look like and just go with it – through the good, bad and the damn right ugly! Everyone has ups and downs when travelling, this is only natural, and so for me it’s time a blogger shed the truth on the whole story!

Have I just found my niche?! *Celebrating slightly that with some real thought and reflection, this could really steer the direction of where this blog is heading* 


So, I hope you enjoy this adventure as I start up my travel blog and feel free to get in touch with questions or constructive criticism that could help me improve this blog. I welcome it all!




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