Modern French-Asian flavours that will set your taste buds alight!

Since moving to St Albans a year ago, it has become my personal mission to aim to go to as many restaurants as possible within the city. I mean, there are just loads here! Having seen amazingly great reviews for Chez Mumtaj, it was time to pay it a visit for my partners 30th birthday. 


The atmosphere and service

We went on a Thursday evening, so it was quite quiet and I’d imagine the atmosphere would be very different on a Friday or Saturday evening. Nevertheless, it came across as quite formal with a professional, friendly service. The staff were all very accommodating and service was good, being offered drinks on arrival within the bar area and our coats were kindly taken for the duration of the meal.

Once we were ready, they took us through to our table and throughout the meal were attentive ensuring drinks were a plenty and enough space between the main course and desert.

Interestingly before the main, they bought out a surprise amuse bouche which we definitely weren’t expecting and just added to the overall impression of the place. A great start in my books!


The food and drink

If I’m honest, I was expecting to go into this restaurant for an indian. Although they do offer a great range of curries, they are known for the French-Asian food, of which we decided to opt for. From the chicken, monk fish to side dishes – the food was delightful with a diverse range of fantastic flavours within. Nothing was overly powerful or spicy – the flavours were quite subtle and worked perfectly with each other.

Perhaps one of the best things about Chez Mumtaj was the presentation of every dish – they really put thought into every plate, including small dishes and dashes of sauces displayed on the plate.






Will I be back?

My feeling is this is definitely a restaurant for special occasions. If you’re looking for something a little more formal in St Albans then this could be the perfect place for you. It definitely hits my top 5 list of restaurants in St Albans so far and yes, I will be back when the right occasion arises and recommending to friends! If nothing else, for this utterly mouth-watering chocolate fondant, so if visiting, make sure you leave room for desert! 🙂


Restaurant details

Check out their website:

Find them: 136-142 London Road, St Albans.filename-dsc-2174-dxo



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