Gym? I heard Gin!

You heard right… it’s finally the weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a gin tasting experience at The Gin Club, nestled in the heart of Soho, London.


If you’re looking for a birthday treat, fun night out with friends or well, just because (!), you need to ensure The Gin Club is firmly on your list. I had the pleasure of going last weekend and it did not disappoint.

On the backstreets of Soho, off Tottenham Court Road you will come across The Gin Club, previously known as The Star pub. There are two floors, both of which were packed – you’ll definitely need to book this one. Actually downstairs looked more fun for large groups as that was in the cellars tucked away, but for smaller tables, you’re probably better upstairs to enjoy the busy atmosphere.

On arrival you have two options – if you know what gin you like, pick from the menu. However if like us you want to try a few different gins then go for one of the tasting options. There are quite a few options available, the staff helpfully chatted us through each and helped to identify which option would be best for our group. Once decided, we enjoyed the range of floral, aromatic, citrus, savoury, sweet and spicy gins both on the rocks and with tonic. After which, we’d all decided which type we preferred and ordered up, with a selection of nibbles.

Now – listen up you gin-loving fiends! They serve a gin punch called Mary Rockett’s punch, which is pretty spectacular in itself as it is a recipe from 300 years ago. Yes, I did say that right, the recipe was created in 1711! A bottle can be shared perfectly between 2-4 people, and was by far the best we had during the evening.



Fancy taking a trip to The Gin Club too? You’ll find all the details and more on their website. If you do go, let me know which gin was your favourite – for me it was a mix of the floral and citrus gins.

Taking on the City advice: One last thing… they do close at 11pm even on a Saturday, so don’t get there much later that 8pm in order to really enjoy your evening without being rushed.


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