November Rain poncho – my new travel companion

Whilst I was away travelling on the border of Brazil and Argentina, we found ourselves at the stunning Iguazu Falls. The power of the waterfall was so unbelievable that you needed a great coat to keep you dry. Now, it would be just my luck that my coat broke just as we arrived and so I had no choice but to buy a plastic poncho! Did it keep me dry? No. Did it look good? Most definitely not… I mean see for yourself below!!


I had all but lost hope in poncho’s if I’m completely honest, until November Rain bought out their new stylish range – a far cry from the one’s in South America and a much welcomed addition to my wardrobe.

(haha yes, take a good laugh at that picture on the left there!!)

Who are November Rain?

November Rain are a new company, specialising in reinventing the poncho into something stylish again! Founded in November 2016, November Rain now have 3 designs of poncho’s ranging from a plain, tribal to pink oriental styles. Perhaps the best thing about the poncho is that no matter what your shape or size, this really is a product that works for everyone.

Founder Belinda Coker and mum of three says, “I wanted to create stylish rainwear that fits any shape or figure and folds up really small”. Having been caught out in the rain on many occasions particularly when her children were younger, it was important to find a solution – an item that was quick to get on, something different to the existing market and highly waterproof. And voila, November Rain was born.


But haven’t we all been caught out in the rain? I remember coming out of the hairdresser’s, the wind was so strong it turned my umbrella inside out and my hair got soaked. It was the worst feeling ever having just sat in the hairdresser’s for the past two hours!

Lets face it – we’ve all been there, particularly in the UK where miserable weather is an everyday occurrence. So when we can’t rely on an umbrella – I’ll be making sure I have the poncho in my handbag, car (or suitcase too for those city breaks away) from now on, to help me battle the elements in style and practicality!


What are the benefits of the November Rain poncho’s?

  1. 100% waterproof and acts as a wind breaker
    Yes it says so on the label, and testing it in the rain I did indeed stay dry and with a hood – my hair did too – SUCCESS! The material is thicker than the poncho’s I’ve seen in the past too, with the seams heat sealed as to ensure you stay dry. Not only that, the poncho acts as a fantastic wind breaker, what more can you ask for?!


  2. Fits over a thick jumper during colder weather
    The poncho isn’t the warmest material – but it’s not designed to be – although it does manage to act as a great wind breaker. It is large enough to fit over thick jumpers to ensure you stay warm and dry. I had a size S which fit me perfectly. As we approach warmer weather (with a bit of luck!) this poncho will act as a great light-weight jacket which is something I always struggle to find.img_1385
  3. Folds up easily into a little pouch
    The poncho’s fold down into a small 1lb, 7″ packet. That’s small enough to carry in your handbag or keep in the car for emergency situations! The best thing is these are small and light enough to take travelling with you – the perfect city break companion!


  4. A stylish piece of wet weather gear!
    The tribe print poncho is my favourite, but with two other styles to choose from you can be sure you look great in this poncho – even for just a casual Sunday stroll. The striking prints go so well against a basic pair of black jeans to make it an easy outfit to wear.


  5. Giving back to charity
    I love that this company has founded itself based on great morals. November Rain pledges a full 10% of all revenue towards water projects in developing countries, currently funding a hydroponic vegetable growing system at a children’s rescue mission in Northern Thailand valued at $3,000USD. Check out their Instagram or Facebook feeds where you can get up to date information on the current projects.


  6. Zip at the front to ensure it’s easy to get on and off
    One of the things I don’t like about the more traditional poncho’s is the fact that you got soaked in it and then would have to take the wet garment over your head to get it off. It was always a struggle.

    November Rain really have thought of everything with the design, and practicality is one of their top considerations. They’ve ensured a zip and poppers are at the front, alongside holes for your hands at the side if you’d prefer.


So, from me this new line of poncho’s gets a HUGE thumbs up! I’ve never previously considered buying a poncho but now with the new stylish design and better quality material, I just find it a no-brainer.

I’m excited to see what styles November Rain will bring out next and which charity projects they manage to support as they build and develop their business. You can buy the poncho’s on their website or through Amazon, to get a speedier delivery in the UK.

So will the poncho become your new travel companion too?

Disclaimer: This post was produced in collaboration with November Rain, but all the opinions expressed are my own.


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