Blooming fantastic travel bloggers

Pinch, punch first of the month and what a great month it is with Spring FINALLY starting to make an appearance! With a spring in my step, I wanted to share the awesome travel blogs I’ve had the pleasure of reading this last month. So grab a cuppa, it’s time to check out these travel blogs who really are some of the best in the business!

The Quirky Traveller

Zoe Dawes is the blogger behind the UK travel blog called The Quirky Traveller. With a keen eye on unusual, unique and quirky – Zoe is proud to show off her photographs and blog posts that allow you to see the world from a different angle, whilst ensuring she keeps it real – there’ll be no fiction here. For me, The Quirky Traveller is one of the best blogs out there as you can really see Zoe’s passion to learn more about life and the world around us… literally the WHOLE world!


She Gets Around

Jen is crazy for adventure, which fuels her passion to travel across the globe on various jaunts!

Not your usual topics, Jen covers both travel and dating. I like this merge, she covers topics such as how to cope with a long distance relationship, which is a real concern for many of us, particularly travellers who find new relationships often half way across the world and the struggles for how to continue with that relationship. So I think this offers something very unique to Jen’s blog that shows really compassion and understanding that helps others a like, alongside providing some fantastic tips and reviews of her travels.


Jollies and Jaunts

Kayleigh from Manchester runs the relatively new travel blog, Jollies and Jaunts. Established in February 2016, Kayleigh writes about her experiences and tips from her travels, which tend to be based in the UK or Europe.

What I particularly love about Jollies and Jaunts travel blog, is the range of fantastic, in-depth destination guides that Kayleigh is developing on her site. They offer some really fantastic insight into each place she’s visited whilst being useful to the reader also in inspiring travel.



Europe Diaries

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Menorca this month in her latest blog post about “Is London more beautiful in the fog?” Meeting in a travel Facebook group, I’ve been able to have a great read of Menorca’s blog Europe Diaries this past month and here are some interesting facts, which gives a bit of an insight into why she is so into her travels!

  • Menorca was named after one of the Spanish islands, of which she hasn’t had the opportunity to visit yet. That must be on the list soon!
  • When she was just 3 months old she went on an incredible journey with her parents around the world until she was nearly 6 – how amazing is that!?

What I love about Menorca is her incredibly helpful nature – whether you have questions about life as an expat in Europe, different types of travel to finding out more about the various places in Europe – then Menorca is your girl!


Check out some of the other travel bloggers I’ve grown to love – I’m sure you will enjoy reading their great adventures too!


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