Life is too short to miss out on this burger!

Now, I know what you are thinking – why would you go to Berlin for a burger? Well, on my last visit to Berlin, I stumbled upon a burger restaurant that is hands down the best one I’ve ever had! A big statement to make, I know, but if you haven’t tried a burger from Peter Pane, then it’s time to get yourself over to Germany to try one…


The atmosphere and service

On a Monday evening in February, you’d expect a place like this to be dead. But, to my surprise it wasn’t – the opposite in fact, it was so busy, we got the last table of 2! So my first recommendation would be to book, particularly if a larger table.

Having never studied German before and learning the basics just for this trip, we were greeted by a friendly member of staff who took the time to chat through the menu, tell us the favourites and ensure that throughout the meal we were well looked after. The setting is very casual, but with a trendy edge that ensures you feel instantly relaxed for the evening ahead.


The food and drink

Perhaps the best thing about this place is its attention to the finer details. On the menu there is a choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian burgers with a whole range of burger toppings, type of breads and sides.

Now lets talk about the type of burgers available, perhaps you might like a burger with mozzerella, air-dryed ham, rocket and balsamic? Or perhaps avocado cream, young spinach and mango chilli chutney is more your sort of thing? Whatever you go for, you can be sure it will be gorgeously delicious and very well cooked to your liking.

Make sure you leave a little room for desert as the chocolate fondant is fab with ice cream and a perfect sweet to share, ending the evening perfectly.

Taking on the City advice: The chips come in one size and one size only – that’s 1lb!!! So, you may want to share, but they are utterly delicious! Also ask the waiter if there are any special deals on as we were able to get a burger and fries with a cocktail for a fantastic price.



Will I be back?

YES YES YES! If ever I go back to Germany whether Berin or perhaps Hamburg, I’ll be ensuring I find a Peter Pane during my stay – and you should too!

Restaurant details

Check out their website:

Call to book a table: +49 30 20679063

Find them: Friedrichstraße 101, Berlin.



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