About Me

As we travel from city to city, we find a special type of uniqueness and diversity that makes that place stand out from the rest of the world. Whether down to history, culture, architecture, people, the food or drink, my mission is to visit and experience as many cities as possible! Through my love of food and wine (lots of wine!), I want to share my journey with whoever would like to read and find out more about the special places our cities have to offer!


Who is behind Taking On The City?

I’m Katie, currently in the end of my twenties and have worked in digital marketing since I graduated my masters back in 2012. Moving to London was a huge decision for me initially – having been bought up in the gorgeous Cheshire countryside surrounded by open fields and uncountable cows (!!!), after university I had made up my mind that it was time for a big change. I wanted to be near the bustling streets where shops were a plenty, more nightlife than I could imagine and a chance to live out my early twenties with a work hard, play even better perspective!

I joined a fast paced social media agency in central London pretty much as soon as I arrived in the big city and spent a good 5 years working my way up the career ladder. Then, everything changed when I met my partner Dan. Within a year of knowing each other we had decided to break free and head off travelling around the world. It’s something I always wanted to do, but never had anyone to go with or it was never the right timing. Once we came back from 3 months of intense travelling, we moved to the quieter city of St Albans in Hertfordshire. Living in a more suburban environment means that I value city breaks now more than ever – wanting to get a taste of the vibrant cities whenever I can.

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What makes Taking On The City different to any other blog out there?

When I thought about starting up a blog the question for me was how do I make it unique to anything else out there? There are already hundreds of fantastic bloggers in the UK, covering food, travel, lifestyle, fashion – so what would make my blog different?

Well, my passions are around great food, wine and travelling. So Taking On The City focusses on just this. Of course, I’m a girly girl, so it’s more on the feminine side and much more conversational in nature. I hope it will offer some great advice and inspirations for where to go on your next travel adventure – whether within the UK, Europe or further afield.

Perhaps most importantly, I want to change the way in which we see the world – a lot of travel bloggers out there edit their photos to such a degree that it doesn’t represent the real place, moment or experience. I want to put an end to this travel disillusion once and for all, providing real truth and transparency to everywhere I visit.

Do you offer guest posts?

I’m always delighted to hear from anyone who has ideas on collaboration. However, I only accept guest posts where I feel there is a genuine fit with my blog and readers. Pitch the ideas to me though – I’m always open to them and you never know, could spark off another idea where we can collaborate in the future if nothing else.ย 


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